Saturday, 10 January 2009

Another Chunk 16 Add On

Faster LaChunk from Rosie Wood on Vimeo.
LAChunk is a kaleidoscopic type application, which uses Chunk16 images (or any other images). The application has 5 images on the screen at once. One is used as the background, while the other 4 rotate around the corners.
LaChunk has been set up to use 50 images and it's image path points to the chunk16 folder in 'myWork'. Just add the statement
int fCount=0;
to the variables at the start of Chun16 and these statements at the end of the draw method, before the patternsPerPicture statement.
This will quickly generate 50 random images and then the program will stop. If you dont like any image, try putting it through KaChunk once and save it over the unwanted image. This allows LaChunk's images to be changed often, so it doesnt get boring.
Although I like the patterns produced by LaChunk I don't like the way the corners of the images overlap at the sides. There's probably an easy way, of making part of an image that overlaps another, transparent in Processing. The problem is that I like the way the corners meet up in the middle, so the transparency would have to only occur when there was an overlap. The image arrays and blend filters would seem to be the best way to acheive this, but I cant find much usable info on this. Another way might be to use the contains method of the java class Rectangle. I may come back to this problem later, but I've decided to see how it looks using polygons and textures.

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