Saturday, 21 March 2009

CH79 - Filter Utility - Standalone

The difference between using the package and Processing's own file methods, was nothing short of amazing!
The code needed to implement opening and saving files has been greatly simplified and the utility was deployed as a normal processing application. The file choosers used to open and save files, are native to the user's installation and this gives a much better impression. The user can now choose any graphic file type including TIFF from anywhere on their system. The functionality of the utility is exactly the same as in Mark 1, but far more streamlined.
There are some methods that could use a little tweaking but all filters work at least once. I'm not sure if a file can be saved with alpha values intact, but I have left in the Opaque filter for completeness, it is possible that transparent gifs etc could be affected but I havent tested this.
Source Code
Save or Run the application
In order to run as an applet, the applet would need to be signed as it loads and saves files, on the user's machine.

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