Monday, 23 March 2009

The chunk 79 text and standalone program have now been submitted but the text was in odf format and I'm not sure this is acceptable. Working with Processing is a real pleasure for me and I would really like to use it more. On my wanderings around the web, I heard tell of a GUI library, that can be used with it and this is something I will definitely check out.
Using Processing's image capabilities will be a bonus when I'm designing java games but I would have liked to find a way to slot in some Processing code to a Java program when needed. Processing might be a viable option when it comes to online games but I would need to spend some time researching the best way to implement a user interface. Sound is quite an important quality in games, but I havent looked into this yet, although I know Processing can use the minim sound library.
On Mondays I have decided I will work on my web site. There are a few outstanding tasks that I have been putting off. A few months ago I updated the site to using PHP 5. It has a basic content management system, where you can add news items and images to the database. I did an OU course on Open Source using PHP a few years ago and at the time I had a good understanding of it. Now, however, my selective memory has decided to scrap most of the information.
I coded the CMS by following a book and it included a password protected administration page for managing the news content. When I implemented this I somehow enabled an option to wipe out any news that is over a week old.... This is now extremely annoying as when I am busy the news page becomes completely empty. I will have to find that book and the relevant piece of code to disable this unwanted behaviour.
The only commercial content on my site is the 'Snappy Birthday Game'. This is a very half hearted attempt to make some money from my programming work. There are totally free versions of the game available but you can send a personalised Smappy game to someone with a message for a small fee. The images for the cards in the game are pretty awful and I really need to give them an overhaul, but I never seem to get a round tuit. This might explain why so far I have sold zero copies lol.
The organisation of the site is not great and I should make a launch page for all the free processing applets I have hosted there.
These are just some of the tasks I need to tackle on I'm busy today.

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