Saturday, 7 March 2009


My apologies if the above applet takes longer to start. This is because it contains 50 jpgs. {I'll maybe get round to cutting it down to 10...}
The Posterize filter takes as an argument an integer representing the amount of colours to use when it rerenders the display screen. I think it works best with chunky shapes and lines. The images used here, dont use very many colours, so using a value of 255 just slows down the animation with very little visible result. In the applet the blur filter has been used to make the image less detailed, then the pixels array has been used to turn black areas to a random colour. Finally the Posterize filter is applied to the image. In the applet only values of 2 - 10 are used which works well with the images used. Each time the posterize level reaches 10, a new image is loaded, a new colour is chosen and the process repeats.

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