Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Standalone Program-Intentions

When I started thinking about Chunk 79, I was intending to write some sort of applet for medical scanning. When I was researching the subject, I discovered an open source application, that provides all the functionality needed to perform medical imaging.
When I am programming, I use any available image to enable me to concentrate on the code. Sometimes the image is blurry or has some other defect, this book will be used by artists and programmers, so I think that if the standalone program was a filtering utility, the reader would gain a useful application while learning about the various filter modes.
The application will display a help panel with the key - filter pairs listed. They will be able to load in an image and apply various filters to it. A real world application would probacly have an undo function. I will try to provide one undo using push/popMatrix. After the reader has finished filtering their image they will be able to save it and the program will exit.
That is my intention but specifications have a habit of changing, when an application is being coded. I therefore have no idea if the finished program will be anything like this initial specification.
Most of the groundwork for the text of chunk 79 has been completed and the text will just need an intro, some editing of the filter modes, already covered in the blog and a summary. The standalone program is a large portion of the requirements for Chunk 79, so I think I'd better get that completed before writing up the text...

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