Thursday, 3 June 2010

Processing in Android - Very Desirable

My chunks for the OU book are finally done and I posted the last errata today...phew!
Having chosen Java whenever possible to obtain my degree it was great to learn to use Processing too. It allows me to use Java and make use of all the Processing facilities at the same time.
Any Java programmer would probably be interested in using Android for mobile phones and I have been no exception. I have been hankering after one of these phones for over a year now but they are so pricey! I was absolutely delighted, therefore when my husband got me my HTC Desire! Then when I discovered that Processing have brought out a Beta tool for Android I was literally over the moon.
The tool at the moment has an Android emulator and a Present tool which allows you to attach the phone and see if your prog works correctly. The export facility generates a debug version apk file. This works for emulator and Present mode. To get the sketch to run standalone on your Android phone you just need to sign it with your private key. They are working on the"export application" option so that it produces a release version apk file that is digitally signed.

Chunk 16 on Android Emulator

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