Friday, 17 October 2008

Making a Start

I have done a fair amount of Java Programming and have used the Graphics class a fair bit, but this area of Java was mostly self taught. My introduction to Java graphics was the Timothy Budd course book for M301.
I have researched various graphic concepts in the past, but I always come back to the standard Java awt graphics package because of its simplicity. I have been intending to start using the Graphics 2D class, as I think I understand most of its methods.
Maths is something I studied way back in MU120, but trigonometry and algebra are now just a foggy memory. This is a pity as I think they would make some interesting effects.
I have a web site where my Java RPG Game Solundria can be launched with Web Start. The game is in serious need of a graphical makeover, so I am hoping that the study of Processing may help me accomplish this.
I put a blog post up on my page on 38 minutes (a digital Media Web Site) about the OU record attempt.
I did a bit of browsing and started to read a sample chapter of the Processing book, but it seemed to time out or something. The Processing methods were not as bad as I had expected and I cant wait for the book voucher to arrive, so I can try some new stuff out.
Its maybe a forlorn hope but I'd like to make some kind of business when I eventually (if ever...) finish Solundria. I will have to examine the licence for the Processing classes as they are Open Source. Even if they cant be used in my game some of the methods are very similar to Java, so I think it will still be a worthwhile learning experience.

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