Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Processing and Blogs

I downloaded the Processing IDE and had a look at the examples.
I was very pleased to learn you can generate applets and applications at the click of a button. There is some way to use the generated code in standard Java programs too, but I havent had time to check this out yet.
Some of the graphics in processing are amazing but I do worry that the coding necessary, may be beyond my limited capabilities.
The Processing IDE can use some pretty nifty libraries, and seems to make Glide and 3D graphics a lot easier to implement.
I went to Waterstones to order the book and the very helpful assistant explained delivery might take 2-3 weeks. When I explained what it was for he put it in as a special order and this might speed it up a little. The book cost 37.99 so I only had to contribute 2.99.
I received the First Mailing from Darrel, and will have a look at the links there shortly. I added the links for the Mass Writing Blogs, to FireFox's FastDial plugin. This will make it easy to find them later.

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