Sunday, 16 November 2008

Aargh - No OU Library

Reading through some blogs from other Mass Writing authors, it came to my attention that "the book" was available in the OU online library - Safari book section. Great News! I love the Safari facility,having used it for years to research a vast array of technical subjects.
I logged into student home and went to the Safari section. Up came the "You are not authorised" message. Oh no! Why did I go and graduate! Tears hair out. How on earth can I preserve my street cred, when I dont even have access to the information I need, when I need it.
To hubby: "Any chance of an early Xmas present".....
Reply: "As long as it isnt another book".....
I went to the Safari Books Online site intending to set up a subscription. Good Grief! $252.99 per year + VAT ... for the limited to 10 books option.
Not today, thank you very much!
I know this would sound like a bargain, to someone in paid work, but at the moment I cant justify this expense.
I will just have to pick up my hard copy and suffer the indignity of wearing glasses(when I can find them) and actually manually turning pages!
I'm sure I received an offer of a subscription to the ACM digital library that included subscription to 24/7 too, hmm...
Wow, I looked up the link for ACM and it seems they are offering subscription to Safari, 24/7 and Skillsoft courses as part of their Professional Membership package. To join you need to have a BSc or have worked for 2 years in the IT industry. The price of the whole package is only $99, which is within my budget for a xmas present!
So OU students enjoy your wonderful free library while you can!
I hope the 600 books from Safari includes "the book"!
Oh well have to go order a library!
Back when I get a copy of the book
Sorry, this post might be a bit off topic but it might help someone

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  1. While you're waiting for the book you could always download the code for each chapter from