Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Chunk 16 Roundup

chunk 16 applet with a window size of only 200x200

Chunk 16 has been submitted and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I have found the finished programs to be quite useful whenever I need a jpg or a series of images to demonstrate a concept. The kachunker is useful when I need a background for a web page etc.
The beauty of processing windows and writing code without using magic numbers is I can make a chunk 16 applet of any size and post it just about anywhere.
With the latest update of Java.Processing when a processing applet index has comments as used for Java documentation i.e. /** the applet may display functions on the page so these will have to be removed from Chunk 16.

Processing is now a new option to consider when designing web page content. I am an administrator and developer for the open source project "Witchcraft - MDA" and I used one of the examples provided in Processing to make an animated banner. The zap font was very appropriate. It seems impossible to get the applet centred and it works better with scrolling set to auto.

Chunk 16 Kachunker

The Walker applet allows a sequence of kachunked files to be traversed
The kachunker application will not work as an unsigned applet as it requires saving images to the client machine. click on the applet above to give it focus and then use up and down keys to see its kachunked files.


LaChunk uses Chunk16 files to produce a kaleidoscopic animation

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