Thursday, 5 March 2009

Chunk 79

I have been assigned to do Chunk 79 which looks at the filter function in Processing. This should be quite a challenging assignment for me!
I mentioned before I help out on the open source project WitchCraft. WitchCraft takes UML2 diagrams and generates a functional website, complete with content management and database. It uses many technologies including Spring and Java. The WitchCraft developers have decided to design a cutting edge medical management service called Cerebrum using WitchCraft.
Different modules will be designed to make the application a success. There will eventually be modules for medical scanning capabilities. In the meantime, it would be neat to use processing to provide an applet that can simulate this type of module. I did think of using black and white for xrays and red and blue for thermal imaging, but Ive no idea how bones in an Xray could be portrayed using filters,
Anyway I will try my best to create something presentable while working on chunk 79.

TITLE Using the filter method
DESCRIPTION This should be a gentle introduction to the filter method.
  • Be able to understand the function of the filter method
  • Be able to develop a program of no more than 120 lines using the filter method
REFERENCE Greenberg 452--459
HINT Take this gradually and build up the described program in small chunks.
PROGRAM Develop an interesting program similar to the one that you describe in the text.
My first task will be to read rhe relevant pages in the Greenberg book....

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